Chicago's Next Big Nutrition Brand

Chicago has long been a hotbed of business and innovation, but now a number of health-conscious companies are putting the Windy City on the map as a capitol of wellness and nutrition. And you guessed it, KRā is proud to be one of the pioneers helping to change the conversation around what people put in their bodies. Check out the feature from Chicago Magazine!

Sarah Helps Pick the Next Great Chicago Food Startup on Windy City Live

Our CEO Sarah Hardgrove-Koleno received an exciting opportunity to sit on the other side of the pitch table and play the role of judge on Peapod and Windy City Live's 'Next Best'. Having gone through the gauntlet over the past few years pitching KRā to all kinds of folks, she knows what it takes to help bring an idea to market. Check out this link to see which of the 18 food entrepreneurs made it though to the final round!