KRā started when three athlete-entrepreneurs asked themselves a simple question:


Why do athletes, who are so committed to taking care of their bodies, hydrate with super-sugary, chemical-filled sports drinks?

The answer? There were no good alternatives. So we set out to provide what the market was clearly lacking; a sports drink that is better for you than what is currently offered.

KRā is clean, simple hydration made with real ingredients that parents and athletes at all levels can actually feel good about putting into their bodies. It’s USDA-certified organic with no junk like chemicals, artificial sweeteners or dyes. Just a few simple ingredients and an awesome, clean, refreshing taste.

KRā replaces the electrolytes and fuel lost during athletic activity without any of the additives, and without the excess sugar found in traditional sports drinks. When you put good things in, you get great performance out. It’s that simple.

Yes, you heard us right. Simple ingredients that you can pronounce. No additives that don’t belong.

Just real, good, hydration so you can Keep Rising Above.